There is tremendous promise in regenerative medicine, but it’s largely outcome data driven. Do you have the outcome data to support your work? Do you have the time to keep track of all of your patients? Regenatrak does this for you with automated condition specific questionnaires delivered to your patients and recorded at the right time, every time. What both sole practitioners and large hospitals realize is that their patients are extremely educated. They are demanding regenerative therapies, but carefully scrutinizing each practice they consult with and asking for physicians’ data to find out who’s offerings are most effective. Further, they want to know that their doctor is in it with them for the long haul and their treatment won’t be just an expensive injection. Regenatrak accomplishes all of this. By tracking your patients’ outcomes for multiple years after their treatment, you can determine how long your therapies last, the optimal patient population, and the best conditions you’re able to take care of. But you also can show patients that you are invested in the long-term resolution of their condition by tracking their recovery for up to 5 years. Once you begin to amass patients and their data in your account, you’ll be able to pull data and charts to share with prospective patients, transparently sharing your work and giving your patients peace of mind. Regenatrak is a HIPAA compliant and encrypted software currently being used by physicians and hospitals around the world to keep track of their patients’ outcome data in order to better advance regenerative medicine. The software has been licensed by sole practitioners seeing a few patients each month and hospitals with thousands of daily visitors. Regenatrak has been used to educate doctors and patients. It’s been used to generate data for seminars and large medical conferences. It’s also been used in many peer reviewed publications and has been a critical tool in the advancement of regenerative medicine. Make Regenatrak a part of your practice today.